An Ongoing Feast for Body and Spirit       


Come, eat, and be comforted.

You are welcome at our table.

A hand-up, not a hand-out.

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We serve gourmet comfort food-- fresh meals inspired by recipes collected from the community in memory of those loved and lost.

  • Our menu changes daily and always features vegan ,vegetarian  and gluten free options.
  • We are Denver's first and only 100% dedicated gluten-free kitchen!
  • Our food philosophy is all about simplicity.  Few of our menu items contain more than six ingredients and in general terms, we think that if something contains an ingredient that can't be easily pronounced by a third grader, it is also something we won't serve at The Comfort Cafe.

Ordering food at The Comfort Cafe:

  • Choose the foods you'd like to eat .  If you can't decide, ask for a sample plate and we will give you a little bit of everything.
  • Choose your portion size...
    • We aim to eliminate waste and use our resources wisely.
    • You are always welcome to get a second helping!
  • Meals at The Comfort Cafe are free and available to all who care to eat.
  • The Comfort Cafe gratefully accepts donations of time, money and other resources to forward our mission in the community.

Our Hours are: Wednesday - Sunday from 8am - 3pm...serving Brunch ALL DAY!!!



We are a donation based non-profit restaurant, and we look forward to serving YOU!



Our phone number is 303-728-9251  

We are only there on weekends.  If your need is time sensitive, call Jan at 3035919828