An Ongoing Feast for Body and Spirit       


Come, eat, and be comforted.

You are welcome at our table.

A hand-up, not a hand-out.

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Who We Are

A Community Kitchen

A regular restaurant with a not-so-regular vision.

It means no one goes hungry, dignity for all people, and the gift of knowing your neighbors.

It means feeding your family a meal, holding a business meeting over a gourmet lunch, or catching up with an old friend over a delicious dessert.


We Are Different Because...

  • We are run mostly by volunteers.
  • We are the only 100% dedicated gluten-free kitchen in Denver.
  • We always offer vegan & vegetarian options.
  • You decide what and how much you want to eat.  One of our goals is to eliminate food waste.
  • Our menu changes weekly.
  • We aim to be a sustainable part of the community.
  • We are closely related to Namaste Hospice and most of our recipe's were shared with us by family members as they recall celebratory times with loved ones that have passed away.
  • Our doors are open to all-- regardless of race, disability, religion, sexual orientation or socioeconomic standing


  • EVERYONE is welcome at our table!

Our Inspiration

The Comfort Cafe is a vision project of many individuals and organizations in the Denver community who are actively involved in the provision of comfort oriented hospice care  through Namaste Hospice and people who are passionate about providing food security for all. 

We understand that everybody eats and everybody dies. We honor the memory of those who have passed before us by preparing the comforting dishes they shared with the people they loved. We offer delicious, healthy, and comforting meals to all who need nourishment for their body and soul.


Our Guiding Principles

Everyone is welcome to break bread together at The Comfort Cafe.  We are all about community. Guests and others are welcome to donate generously to support our concept, but the meals we serve are free to all who care to enjoy them.

At The Comfort Cafe, we have a "bias towards yes." We believe in "a hand-up, not a hand-out" and that others will "pay it forward" whenever they can. Finally, we believe in the universal concept "do good and do well." Our experience has taught us that so long as we are operating with compassion and kindness, in alignment with Universal Wisdom, we will have the resources to work well, meeting human need all along the way. 

Three Old Broads

If you spend any time at The Comfort Cafe, you are sure to meet the three founding members of our community.  They are Jan Bezuidenhout, Sandy Corlett and Barb McGhee.  They are affectionately referred to as "The Three Old Broads". As actress Bette Davis once said "If you want a thing done right, get a bunch of old broads to do it".  Of course, they couldn't do it without a lot of help from a lot of friends.  If you are a friend they and the rest of the community have not yet met, come on in and introduce yourself!


We are a donation based non-profit restaurant, and we look forward to serving YOU!



Our phone number is 303-728-9251  

We are only there on weekends.  If your need is time sensitive, call Jan at 3035919828